Back in the Saddle…

I started this blog back in the spring in order to participate in the security community, share what I was learning, and document my projects and interests. Then I started a Masters program right as Covid hit – I was taking classes from home, the kids were suddenly doing all their school from home, the world was seemingly falling apart and I got involved in a Covid-related tech project, so posting went by the wayside.

I’ve also learned that when I get stressed out or depressed I tend to isolate myself, so I’m making more of an effort to reach out and connect and participate in community.

I feel lucky that I’ve had this time to focus on school and spend time with the kids. I’ve been learning a lot through my classes, am excited about turning my career more in the direction of cybersecurity and am going to pick up again, start summarizing some of what I’ve been learning and posting it here.

I hope you and yours are safe and well, please reach out if you want someone to talk to, either for emotional support or just tech talk.

Take care,

Author: Charley Lucas

Silicon Design Verification | OVM Testbench Development | Hardware Security | Perpetual Student

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