Survival Guide for Social Distancing – List of Lists

I had started a list for myself of interesting-looking resources for self-training while I’m working on my masters program, but then everyone’s favorite virus started circulating and suddenly a lot of conferences are going virtual and people are exchanging on-line resources and communities. I’ve been intercepting as many as I can and collecting them into this spreadsheet.

There are a couple of pop-up free conferences (PancakesCon this weekend, and, but most already-planned conferences have either cancelled or gone virtual as well. Those are still generally charging convention-level registration though, so costs my be prohibitive for non-corporate-sponsored attendees although some *do* have student rates.

Azeria @Fox0x01 was awesome enough to post her Survival Guide for Social Distancing – a comprehensive list of links to resources for everything from Pentesting IoT devices to “Learning how to Learn”. I intend to work my way through this exceptionally thorough list, and I expect it will take a long, long time. I’ve found other sites with lists of resources and conferences, and some infosec/hacking/exploit/bug bounty communities it may be worthwhile to join.

I will keep adding to the spreadsheet as I find new resources and listings. If you have any favorite resources, tutorials, CTFs or communities, let me know in the comments and I’ll add them!

Author: Charley Lucas

Silicon Design Verification | OVM Testbench Development | Hardware Security | Perpetual Student

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